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Make app without codeing! But how??

Make ardroid apps without codeing

makeing app without any codeing is no w a treand. today i am going to talk about top 4 platform where you can make really storng app without any kinds of codind.

so there are 4 platform





mit app inventor(Google)

Appybilder an all 4 are great platform for make android applicatiion all are the free platform so you don"t have to spend money on this.

when you login one of platfom they asked you to signin with your google account. after signin you will find some tutorial where you can learn how to make android app without coding

All the platform are same, so if you really interest to make an app without codeing you can visit one of the website

note: you can make iOS app without codeing but only at x.thunkable.com.

Make app with android studio are really hard becaous you need to know the codeing and many thing, but when you make app with codeing the app will be more powerful. so if you have enough time you can learn codeing and make an strong app.

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